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Ages 0-18


Nurture your child's well-being with our specialized healthcare plan designed for ages 0-18. Ensure your child receives dedicated medical attention tailored to their needs. Plus, with our family-focused approach, children must be enrolled alongside at least one adult member. Secure your child's health and happiness with us.

Ages 19+


Unlock comprehensive healthcare tailored to adults with our exclusive plan for ages 19 and above. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have access to personalized medical care at an affordable monthly rate. Take charge of your health journey today!

Family Plan


Elevate your family's healthcare experience with our comprehensive Family Plan. Parents and all dependent children ages 18 and younger are covered under one inclusive package. Whether you've got one child or a dozen, the price is fixed, offering unparalleled value for larger families. Join us in prioritizing your family's health and well-being today!

*A one-time enrollment fee equal to cost of one month membership will be applied to each new membership.

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