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What is Wellberry Health? - Wellberry Health is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice where patients pay a monthly membership fee directly to Wellberry Health for comprehensive and personalized care, without involving insurance companies.

How does DPC differ from traditional health insurance? - DPC focuses on a direct relationship between patients and their doctor, eliminating the need for insurance intermediaries. This allows for more personalized, affordable, and accessible healthcare.

What services are included in my membership fee? - The membership fee covers unlimited office visits, preventive care, chronic disease management, basic procedures, and virtual consultations. Labs, imaging, and medications are often arranged at/near wholesale prices.

Can I still have health insurance with a Wellberry Health membership? - Yes, your Wellberry Health membership is not health insurance nor a replacement for health insurance. It complements insurance by providing primary care services. Patients are encouraged to maintain insurance coverage for specialist care, hospitalization, and emergencies. Many patients find membership in a healthshare also pairs well with their Wellberry Health membership.

Is Wellberry Health suitable for individuals with pre-existing conditions? - Absolutely! Wellberry Health focuses on building long-term relationships with patients, providing comprehensive care for all health conditions.

How do I schedule appointments with Dr. Bradbury? - Appointments are easy to schedule! You can call our office, use our online portal, or even connect through virtual visits for non-urgent concerns. Plus, as a member you get Dr. Bradbury’s cell phone number and can call or text him at any time.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs? - No hidden fees! We strive for full transparency in your care including any charges additional testing outside the usual covered services. Things which may incur additional expense include labs, imaging, pathology, and medications. And each of these will be arranged for a significant discount to wholesale or near-wholesale pricing (often up to 75% off what you’ll find elsewhere!).

Do you accept insurance any services? - No, we do not communicate or participate with health insurance companies and do not arrange billing with insurance companies.

What if I need to see a specialist? - Dr. Bradbury will coordinate and assist you in finding the right specialist when medically indicated. While specialist care is typically covered by insurance, your membership ensures coordinated and comprehensive care.

Can I cancel my membership at any time? - Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time without penalties. We believe in providing flexible and patient-centered care. However, the enrollment fee will be charged again when you re-enroll after cancelling a membership.

What if I have Medicaid or Medicare? - At this time Wellberry Health is unable to accept patients who have Medicaid or Medicare.

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