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Dr. Ryan Bradbury, MD

Dr. Ryan Bradbury

Blackfoot native Dr. Ryan Bradbury, MD, served an LDS mission in Maryland/Virginia, followed by graduating with honors from BYU-Idaho. He then earned his Doctorate in Medicine at THE Ohio State University College of Medicine before returning to his roots in southeast Idaho as a family medicine doctor. On his off time, Dr. Bradbury enjoys participating in jiujitsu, skiing, mountain biking, and outdoor adventures with his wife Caitlin and their five children.

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Working with You

Dr. Bradbury works with you to find and correct the root cause of symptoms so you can get back to your active lifestyle. From mental health, blood pressure, and diabetes to optimizing health for longevity and improving body composition, make Dr. Bradbury your primary doctor and find your best health ever.

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Open and Ready for Business

Accepting clients who live in and around the Idaho Falls, Idaho area. Our office is located on the corner of John Adams Parkway and Woodruff Avenue in Idaho Falls.

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